A little about me

10644676_10152671402056672_1721653022161913125_oWhen I started my journey into the landscape design world I had no idea all the paths it would take me down. Landscape maintenance is where it all began, I was living in Edmonton and enjoyed working with plants taking clients yards to their full potential. After a year of doing this I decided to enroll in NAIT’s Landscape Architectural Technologist program. This program was perfect and taught me about design and balance in landscapes. To increase my knowledge I worked at plant nurseries and also worked for the Government of Alberta’s landscape department. My passion for hands on work was never lost and was always a strong draw than an office job.

When I graduate from NAIT I got the amazing opportunity to go and work with CTQ Consultants in Kelowna, BC. This job was such an amazing opportunity for me I was able to work on some amazing designs in some of the most spectacular growing conditions available.

Valemount Revitalization Plan

It was the dream job with office and on site consultations. It was a sad day when we left Kelowna but opportunities for my partner and myself were to great out in Saskatchewan so we took a chance and moved back to my home province.

Kelowna City Park South

In Saskatchewan I worked for Stantec for just over a year, when I made the tough decision to leave my office job and pursue career opportunities working at a greenhouse. Going back to hands on work. Going on 4 years now working in the greenhouse industry I can say I am doing what I am passionate about while still expanding my knowledge every day.

My purpose for this blog is to share answers to common problems found in the landscape, providing a focus on the growing conditions on the Canadian prairies. Welcome and I hope you enjoy.