Winter Pet Damage Repair Tips

981930_10151865032261672_701902462_o.jpgSpring is here in Saskatoon. As a pet owner, I semi dread this time of year because I know no matter how much preventative measures I take there will always be some damage to my yard.

Here are a couple tips on what to do in your yard to repair pet damage:

  1. Clean up all the waste. The way I do this is I wait for areas in my yard to dry up and be water/snow/ice free. Then I get my gardening gloves, a rake, garbage bags and garbage ready. My time saving trick to make the clean up go quickly is using a landscapers sized rake, and hand raking the entire yard. This gets rid of all the pet waste and also cleans up all the dead grass. I find it makes a big clean up project go way faster rather than hunting for each little nugget. **Tip: Plan to clean up the day before garbage day, so then you are not having pet waste hanging out in your garbage bin stinking them up.**
  2. Adjust the ph of your soil, pet urine is high in nitrogen so it messes up the ph balance in your soil. To help lower the nitrogen content in your soil sprinkle down some gypsum over your entire soggy yard to help adjust it. Unfortunately sprinkling down gypsum on the regular will not prevent pet spots on your lawn. You can however sprinkle it down on spots that your dog has gone to the bathroom on, throughout the season, to help reduce the damage.
  3. Re-seed I like Scott’s EZ Seed for repairing my damaged grass, works well and the container is easy to use. The pet spot EZ Seed has gypsum in it so if you have a just a couple spots this is the best way to treat and repair it. Soak down the area affected before starting a couple times over few days before putting down the seed. To put the seed down rough up the soil with a rake removing the dead grass. You can sprinkle down a little fresh top soil to if you like, shake down the seed and water. The grass takes time to grow, so make sure to try to keep your pet off of the area being treated.
  4. During the really wet times, I try my best to exercise my dogs off of my yard to prevent them from tearing up the soggy yard.

All these products can be found at your local gardening centre. If you have any questions feel free to ask!